Regain your self-worth and purpose
Stop the pain of emotional abuse and/or betrayal
Create real and lasting change in your marriage
Don’t get stuck in the recovery cycle for years

Being seen, heard and know in your marriage is your RIGHT!

STOP the crazy-making for good.

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it all started with my camera.

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If you are having trouble with:


feeling alone in your marriage

spousal betrayal, porn / sex addiction

you've come to the right place!

divorce recovery

No one ever wants to talk about what it’s really like being in an emotionally destructive marriage. The confusion, the stress, the constant blame game and worst of all the feeling that nobody would understand if you told them.
I truly understand and I have crafted the very best and most effective path to you regaining your power and self-worth to create lasting change in your marriage without spending years in therapy.

I want women to make life decisions from a place of peace and strength instead of pain and confusion.  

Your life will finally stop being controlled by external factora. Instead you will be in tune with your own self-worth.  


i’m coach ketra

Together we can untangle the fear and confusion that is often felt during life's unexpected situations.

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My hope with each client is to create a sacred space for partnership between us. Each situation is unique. Please feel free to tell me a bit about yourself, what you are currently going through and what you want to change so I can best assist you.

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